Moroes (patch 2.4.3)

Moroes is the second boss of Karazhan

Position yourself in the center of the room (dining table). You should be in range to heal any players in the room without a problem.

Moroes have 4 guests with him out of list of six.

Their names are Baroness Dorothea Millstipe, Baron Rafe Dreuger, Lady Catriona Von'Indi, Lady Keira Berrybuck, Lord Robin Daris, Lord Crispin Ference.

If Millstipe is one of the guests, the raid usually focus fire on her first as her mana burn ability does a lot of damage and drains mana. She seems to like casting mana burn on healers, but you can interrupt that easily with an earth shock because it takes her 3 seconds to cast.

Lord Robin Daris has a nasty whirlwind and mortal strike abilities. He is usually crowd controlled and one of the last ones to be killed. I suggest you don't stand near him :).

Generally, the raid should have 2-3 crowd control abilities. These two guests are your biggest threat. Millstipe can drain your mana and Daris can kill you if you stand too close to him.

Your main focus is to heal the main tank and offtank. Moroes will occasionally blind (poison) a player in melee range. You must help to remove the poison ASAP. Every now and then he would gouge the main tank, and if he blinds the off tank then Moroes will run free to wipe the raid.

Moroes will vanish throughout the fight, and when he reappears he will garrote a random player. It is a 5 minute DoT that does around 1k damage per 3 seconds. Help out with the heals on whoever has garrote. Healers with HoT is preferable to heal DoT damage. Garrote can only be removed by ice block, divine shield, blessing of protection, and stoneform.

When Moroes' health is at 30%, he will enrage, which increases his damage by 20%.

Keep earth shield up on main tank.

Don't use fire elemental/searing totem until Moroes is the last one standing or no more crowd controlled is needed because they tend to break crowd controlled mobs.

I haven't discussed about the other guests because they are not threatening to you. Your primary job is to heal the main tank and off tank, remove blind poison, and heal players who have garrote. The most threatening guests are generally killed first or crowd controlled so you shouldn't have to worry much about earth shocking or purging.

All range (caster/hunters/healers) should just group up if they have garrote on them so they can easily be chain healed. Melees with garrote shouldn't be hard to chain healed through as they will stand by the main tank in the end.