Nightbane (patch 2.4.3)

Some consider Nightbane to be the 5th boss, and some consider this the last boss of Karazhan.

There are two phases to this boss: Ground phase and Air phase

*Turn up your spell details in video options otherwise you would have a hard time seeing Charred Earth on the floor*

Ground Phase

Keep tremor totem up

When tank establishes aggro, put down a searing totem

Nightbane will cleave! Don't stand in front, or better yet, don't stand close to Nightbane at all.

Periodically, Nightbane will casts Charred Earth on a random targetted player. It is a giant red and black circle on the floor. If you are on it, simply stop doing what you are doing and just run out of it. Make sure your spell detail is up!

Don't stand near Nightbane's tail as he does a tail sweep (again... don't stand near Nightbane at all)

Each time Nightbane's health drops to 75%, 50%, 25%, Nightbane will fly up in the air. As soon as you see Nightbane take flight, quickly gather up and stand on top of the tank (everyone should). The air phase will lasts about a minute, and then it is back to Ground Phase.

Air Phase

Everyone should be grouped up as mentioned earlier. Shortly after Nightbane is in the air, he will casts Rain of Bones (looks like Nightbane is breathing brown smoke coming down on you guys). Skeletons spawn from Rain of Bones.

What works for me is this: I use stoneclaw totem as soon as I stand on top of the tank. Stoneclaw totem will most likely hold aggro on the skeletons initially. Right after I put down stoneclaw totem, I immediately follow it with a magma totem to AoE the skeletons. Finally, I earth shield myself and spam chain heals on the group.

Once the skeletons are finished, top everyone off with heals quick. Put back on water shield, and remember to use tremor totem when Nightbane comes back down on the ground. Don't stand by the tank when Nightbane is about to land. If you happen to be on the other side of the party when Nightbane lands for whatever reason - don't panic. After the tank gets Nightbane in tanking position, simply run through Nightbane in the middle (not in front of him or back of him.

Note: Threat resets each time Nightbane lands! Don't heal at the same time Nightbane is landing otherwise you will most likely get one-shotted, or the tank would have hard time chasing after Nightbane to build aggro because Nightbane moves around quick. If you have less than 3-5 seconds before Nightbane lands, top off the main tank, and then wait for tank to establish aggro during Nightbane's ground phase to start healing the raid.

Things to remember:

Tremor totem when Nightbane is in Ground phase. Stoneclaw totem when Nightbane is in Air phase once you are grouped up with everyone else on the tank.

Use searing totem (just a suggestion) during ground phase, but only after tank has established aggro. Keep this in mind because you don't want searing totem to be around when Nightbane is about to land from Air phase. Use magma totem right after you put down stoneclaw totem for Air phase.

Always keep earth shield up on tank for ground phase, and use earth shield on yourself during air phase. Remember to use water shield on yourself after skeletons are finished during the air phase, and remember to put earth shield back on tank.

Make sure spell details are up before the fight to easily detect Charred Earth, and run out of Charred Earth immediately if you are on it.

Don't stand near Nightbane because there isn't a reason to.