I had trouble as Shaman in PvP

Hello, my name is Kai. I am not going to lie here because I used to whine and complain about how bad the Shaman class is in PvP. I would tell people all the time how imbalance World of Warcraft is. It's just not fair to get facerolled by Rogues and Death Knights. The game just never seems to be fair at all. However, I was shocked to see another Shaman player who had an arena rating of 2200+! I thought it was impossible to get past 1800. He told me he used to be worse than me, and I didn't believe him. He said he improved his skills because he spent a lot of time watching Shaman PvP videos and he ask a lot of questions in forums.

They were not regular PvP videos, but videos of Shaman players who had Gladiator titles. I was so sick an tired of losing all the time, and I was blaming it on Shaman class. I then realized that Shaman is actually one of the best, deadliest class in the arena. However, you must have A LOT of skills to dominate unlike classes such as the Death Knight. You can't just close your eyes and hit some random keys to win.

I believe the best Shaman PvP guide should have the following:

-Always updated articles: The game is constantly updated with new patches so articles must be updated. Strategy that works in the past might not work in the new patches.

-Arena videos: Not everything can be explained by words so I think videos would help a lot. I am a visual person so I have a hard time learning by reading articles.

-Forum: The forum is one of the best part of a PvP guide because you can always post up questions. I like to ask people if my spec if great for my group composition, and I always ask advice on how to fight certain groups.

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