Resto Shaman Vs. Hex Lord Malacrass (patch 2.4.3)

Hex Lord Malacrass

Hex Lord Malacrass is a very tough boss, and Hex Lord is the 5th boss in Zul'Aman.

Your healing gear choice for this fight should be like this: mp5> stamina> haste

You need all the mp5 you can get for this fight because it is extremely healing intensive. Stamina is very important in this fight because this boss has several AoE abilities, and his AoE abilities deal more damage as the fight progresses. Put away your haste set, and stack up on mp5 and stamina gear.

At the start of the fight, you will be facing against 4 mobs out of 8 possible (just like Moroes fight) alongside with Hex Lord Malacrass.

Thurg: He is an ogre with bloodlust ability and cleave. Don't stand close to him, and make sure you purge his bloodlust if no one else in group is dispelling it.

Gazagroth: He is a big purple imp who spams annoying fireballs at random players. He deals very little damage and dies quickly. You don't have to worry about him.

Lord Raaden: He is a red dragonkin. Stay away from him, and especially his frontal cone area. This dragon does flame breath (lol) and thunderclaps. As long as you are not near him, don't worry much about him.

Darkheart: He is an undead blue-colored ghost with AoE fear ability. TREMOR TOTEM!

Alyson Antille: This blood elf chick is very annoying. Earth shock her heals, and keep an eye on your buffs because she has a dispel ability. She is one of your biggest concerns.

Slither: It is a serpent. This snake does poisons (heh) so use poison cleansing totem. Nothing special.

Fenstalker: Elemental tree man. Keep an eye on his diseases so cleanse it.

Koragg: Undead that looks like a white worgen. He has an annoying curse, and if you have the curse, it would deal some frost damage to you when you use spells and abilities. Nothing you can really do about him since resto shamans cannot decurse.

Hex Lord Malacrass

1.)Spirit Bolts - Very nasty shadow damage spell that hits everyone in the raid every 0.5 seconds for 10 seconds (20 bolts). This ability will show up on your boss mods so keep an eye on the incoming spirit bolt timer. There is a blue square in the room, and what I usually do is tell people on ventrilo to collapse into the blue square when there is about 5 seconds left before the Hex Lord casts spirit bolts.

It is crucial that you cast EARTH SHIELD on yourself before the boss starts casting spirit bolts.

Cast big chain heals, and you should target the person with the lowest health, and let the chain jump to other lowest health targets. If everyone's health is full right when the boss starts casting spirit bolts, you should start chain healing off the person with the lowest max health (for example, Mages).

Remember to earth shield yourself prior to the boss casting spirit bolts, and switch back to water shield when the boss is done.

The boss casts spirit bolts about every 40 seconds throughout the whole fight.

2.)Drain Power - Every minute Hex Lord Malacrass will receive a stackable buff that makes every raid member do 1% less damage and increases Hex Lord's damage by 10%. This gets very hectec after 5 minutes or so because the spirit bolts become insane to heal through.

People argue that Hex Lord Malacrass does not begin to use Drain Power until he is 80% or below in health. I can agree with that because I've never seen him use Drain Power until he is around 72-75% myself.

3.)Siphon Life - Right after Hex Lord finishes casting Spirit Bolts, he will randomly target a player with Siphon Life. He becomes the class of whoever Hex Lord casts Siphon Life on. For example, if you the resto shaman gets targetted with Siphon Life, Hex Lord becomes a Shaman. He will be a shaman until he casts Siphon Life on somebody else after his Spirit Bolts again. It is possible that he can casts it on you again. However, lets say there is 1 Paladin in group but the Paladin is dead, Hex Lord cannot target the dead player with Siphon Life to become a Paladin.

When Hex Lord is a:

Druid - Hex Lord uses Lifebloom (purge!), Moonfire, Thorns aura

Hex Lord's druid phase is quite weak. The only real problem is the thorns aura so the more melee is in your group, the more you'll have to heal. If you and other healers are low on mana, you should call out on vent to tell melee to back off until Hex Lord changes to a different class. Remember to purge Hex Lord's lifebloom. Moonfire is easy to heal through.

Hunter - Hex Lord uses Explosive Trap, Snake Trap, and Freezing Trap

Again, Hex Lord's hunter phase is also weak. Hope that your tank is great because the tank needs to kite Hex Lord away from traps. If for some reason the snake trap goes off, simply use magma totem to help out.

Mage - Hex Lord uses Fireball, Frostbolt, Frost Nova, Ice lance

This class is easy with interrupts. Help out the group by using Earth Shock whenever Hex Lord uses Fireball or Frostbolt. Use Frost Resistance Totem here helps out. Don't use Fire Resistance Totem because you want mana totems, and fireballs should be interrupted anyway.

Paladin - Hex Lord uses Consecrate, Avenging Wrath, Holy Light

This class is very difficult with careless tanks/melee. Make sure you purge Avenging Wrath because that increases the holy damage (consecrate) a lot! If you have Paladin tank, tell him not to use consecrate because Hex Lord's consecrate looks the same as your paladin, and it can be very confusing to your group. Yell at the tank if he is not kiting Hex Lord away from consecrate. Earth shock Hex Lord when he casts Holy Light. Don't rely on melee or anyone else to interrupt the heals. Take initiatives!

Priest - Hex Lord uses Flash Heal, Mind Control, Psychic Scream

This class is also a tough one. Make sure you use Tremor Totem and Earth Shock his heals. He has a few more abilities but these three are the ones you need to watch out for.

Rogue - Hex Lord uses Blind, Slice and Dice, Wound Poison

This class is easy. You cannot cleanse Blind, however, you can and should cleanse Wound Poison. Hex Lord will use Wound Poison very often so it might be best to use Poison Cleansing Totem during the rogue phase.

Shaman - Hex Lord uses Fire Nova Totem, Chain Lightning, Healing Wave, Earth Shock

This class is annoying. His earth shock works the same as yours. Hex Lord's chain lightning and healing wave are both interruptable. Strongly recommend you save earth shock for Hex Lord's healing wave. His fire nova totem has a wide range so make sure you run away if nobody in the raid is destroying it (which they should).

Warlock - Hex Lord uses Rain of Fire, Curse of Doom, Unstable Affliction

This is very difficult along side with the Paladin class. You have to move around a lot because of Rain of Fire. Strongly suggest your raid group spread out as much as possible. Don't stand in the fire!

Warrior - Hex Lord uses Mortal Strike, Spell Reflect, Whirlwind

This is healers' worst nightmare. You need big heals on the tank especially when your tank gets hit with mortal strike. Hex Lord's whirlwind hurts a lot and can easily 2 shot a melee. If a melee is slow in reaction or laggy computer, tell the melee person to step out during warrior phase.

Best times to use your bloodlust is when Hex Lord is a mage, rogue, or hunter. Why? Because the raid does not have to run away from any of these classes so max DPS is during these phases. Hunter class is simply kited at walking speed.