Resto Shaman's Raid Healing Consumables (patch 2.4.3)

Depending on what guild you are in, a great guild leader with the focus of progression will yell at you if you don't bring consumables.

What you need to bring to raid:

Use flask! When you are doing progression raids, expect several wipes over and over again. Flasks will last through death with 2 hours duration.

-Shattrath Flask of Mighty Restoration or Flask of Mighty Restoration: Either flask gives you 25 mp5.

Use weapon oil! If you are using dps weapon buffs while trying to progress as a healer, you need to quit the game lol.

-Superior Mana Oil: gives you 14 mp5.

-Brilliant Mana Oil: gives you 12 mp5 and 25 healing bonus. This is an old school pre-BC oil that I prefer to use. You lose 2 mp5 for not using Superior Mana Oil, but you get +25 healing bonus. The drawback is that this recipe is hard to get because you have to grind pre-BC reps, and if you are not an alchemist, the chances of finding people to make these are very slim.

-Superior Wizard Oil: the description on this says gives you 42 to spell damage, but it really gives you 42 to healing bonus too. If you think you have too much mp5, or you simply don't run out of mana, you might want to consider this oil.

Food Buffs! Don't be cheap, and use them.

-Blackened Sporefish: gives you 20 stamina and 8 mp5. In healing intensive fights, I use these to give me an mp5 boost and also more stamina to live through the nasty AoE from bosses.

-Golden Fish Sticks: gives you 44 healing bonus and 20 spirits. You can disregard the spirits but the 44 healing bonus is very nice. If you have an abundant of mp5, I would prefer these over the sporefish. Also these tastes better :).

I know some people prefer to use battle and guardian elixirs over flasks, such as Elixir of Major Mageblood and Elixir of Healing Power. My suggestion for you is to simply use the 25 mp5 flask along with Golden Fish Sticks and Superior Wizard Oil. In 2 hour period, it is possible to wipe 10+ times, and using elixirs can be extremely expensive.