Slant Fin Humidifier

Slant fin humidifiers use the latest technologies to provide the most comforting and relaxing mist to its users. The mist produced by this humidifier is believed to be germ-free. This is a major factor why people especially those who are health conscious are getting a piece of this product.

How does it work?

Slant fin humidifiers use ultraviolet light and boiling water to ensure that the mist being produced is free from bacteria, spores and molds. This process is a product of researches that were conducted to make sure that these humidifiers will make the air humid and free of germs. Using a humidification process that generates a humidification mist that’s 100% gem free, the slant fin humidifier is a top choice for bring more moisture to the air this winter. It combines the sterilization properties of boiling water with the germicidal power of ultra-violet radiation to kill any mold or bacteria before releasing water vapor into a room. This humidifier is especially useful for asthama and allergy sufferers as, in addition to sterilizing the water, it also includes a slot for adding in medications that will be automatically mixed with the vapor. It does require a little bit of maintenance to continue operating at top efficiency but, all things considered, it’s worth it!