Resto Shaman PVP

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If you are playing resto shaman PVP, I suggest you just /quit. No, I am just kidding about that.

At the beginning of the match, you must set your focus shock on a healer or someone who has a lot of CC. Mass purge in the beginning to get rid of opponent's buffs preferably the target that you guys are going for.

Make sure you communicate well with your partner, especially when it is time to use bloodlust/heroism. Don't just randomly blow hex cooldown either.

When you guys are going for a kill attempt, make sure to save a cooldown on your shocks because you will expect opponent to heal up.

Always try to fake cast especially against 2 dps teams. They will always expect you to heal up as soon as both of them are on you.

Whenever you get a chance, if you are not healing, then put on water shield to get some mana back up quick. Always earth shield yourself when you know both of them will be on you.

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