Resto Shaman Gear

Are you looking for resto shaman gear patch 3.3? I will only tell you the best stuff to get for your resto shaman gear.

Here are the basics that you can buy with badges:

Totem of Calming Tides for 25 Emblem of Triumph
Band of the Invoker for 35
Tier 9 Chest for 75
Gloves for 45
Helm for 75
Shoulders for 45

It is recommended that you get the Totem first as that is the lowest cost.

For weapon: Surgeon's Needle in PoS Heroic

For odd-hand: Shriveled Heart in HoR Heroic

For helm: Helm of the Spirit Shock in FoS Heroic

For neck: Arcane Loops of Anger in FoS Heroic

For shoulders: Very Fashionable Shoulders in FoS Heroic

For back: Deathchill Cloak from Tailoring (BoE)

For chest: Chestguard of Broken Branches in HoR Heroic

For hands: Gloves of Dismal Fortune in ToC Heroic

For wrist: Bejeweled Wizard's Bracers form Tailoring (BoE)

For waist: Strip of Remorse in HoR Heroic

For legs: Blackened Ghoul Skin Leggings in PoS Heroic

For feet: Mudslide Boots in PoS Heroic

For rings: Oath of Empress Zoe in HoR Heroic
Titan-Forged Band of Ascendancy with 15 Wintergrasp Mark of Honor

For relic: Totem of Calming Tides for with 25 Emblem of Triumph

For trinkets: Ephemeral Snowflake in HoR Heroic
Je'Tze's Bell (random drop BoE)

That is the list of resto shaman gear that you should be going for to max out your healing. Now go get the gear!