Gem Choices for Resto Shaman(patch 2.4.3)

These are the only gems you should use:

Red Sockets - Teardrop Crimson Spinel: +22 Healing and +8 Spell Damage

Blue Sockets - Royal Shadowsong Amethyst or Royal Tanzanite: They are both +11 Healing +4 Spell Damage and 2 mana per 5 seconds

Yellow Sockets - Luminous Pyrestone: +11 Healing +4 Spell Damage and +5 Intellect // If you are in Hyjal, Black Temple, or even Sunwell, you should socket Quick Lionseye: +10 Spell Haste Rating

If you care about your guild's progression, it is strongly recommended that all your gems should be epic quality even if the gear you are gemming is about to be replaced by something better soon.