Resto Shaman Vs. Illidan Stormrage (patch 2.4.3)

Last boss in Black Temple

This fight has 5 phases

Phase 1

Pay attention to a debuff called Parasitic Shadowfiend. Your raid will and should have a designated area to deal with anyone who has Parasitic Shadowfiend debuff. Parasitic Shadowfiend is a debuff that deals 3k shadow damage per 2 seconds for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, two parasitic shadowfiends will spawn out of the person, and will go after anyone who has the highest global threat, which is usually you or other healers nearby. If the shadowfiends attack anyone, that person will receive the Parasitic Shadowfiend debuff and repeats everything mentioned above. Generally, these fiends will be dealt with by AoE and slow traps, but if any reason they are not dealt with and are following you, quickly put down an earthbind totem and frost shock one, and run away while others help you kill them.

Phase 2

Phase 2 starts when Illidan is at 65%. All healers/range dps will all stand inside the center where the metal crates are. My guild forms 3 groups inside the center circle, and everyone in each group stands on top of each other. Illidan will constantly cast fireballs into the group that has a 10 yard radius so that is why my guild forms 3 groups instead of having one giant group of people grouped up together. Assuming you are a raid healer (which you should be), your #1 task here is to chain heal everyone who is taking hits from the fireballs. Some strategy guides tell you not to use totems during this phase because of bugs, but I haven't experienced any bugs so most likely it has been patched. Fire totems are useless during this phase.

Save your nature swiftness until you see Illidan casts Dark Barrage on somebody. Dark Barrage deals 3000 shadow damage per second for 10 seconds. Nature Swiftness + Healing Wave = Win!

Make sure your group isn't too close to the outer edge of the metal crates because Illidan has a nasty eye-beam that will one shot you. The closer your group is to the center of the circle the better, while making sure each groups are about 10 yards away so you don't get AoE from the fireball that's hitting another group. This phase ends as soon as the two huge fire elementals are eliminated.

Phase 3

Same as phase 1 except that he now also casts Agonizing Flames. Make sure to spread out. Agonizing Flames is a debuff that deals 4000 fire damage on initial cast, and then it ticks every 5 seconds that deals 3000 fire damage and increases slightly overtime per tick. If anyone is within 5 yards from you, that person will also receive a fresh Agonizing Flames debuff. The debuff is not dispellable, and it lasts for one minute.

Also, remember to watch out for Parasitic Shadowfiends. You can get the Parasitic Shadowfiends debuff even if Agonizing Flames is on you.

Phase 3 lasts 60 seconds.

Phase 4

Phase 4 lasts 30 seconds after he does his transformation. There is plenty of time between Phase 3 and Phase 4 transition, and this is the time to run far back against the walls opposite side of Illidan. Becareful of aggro here until the warlock tank in your raid holds aggro on Illidan during this stage because its an aggro wipe. A good warlock tank would have plenty of DoTs on the boss before Illidan even starts to do anything.

Illidan will randomly paralyze four players (including the warlock tank) with purple beams, and four shadow demons will slowly creep up towards that player. If the shadow demons reach any of the four players, that person will die instantly so this is very important that you run far away from Illidan during the phase change from 3 to 4. Players who are not chosen to be paralyzed will have to help kill the shadow demons before they reach their targets. If everyone's health around your area seems to be topped off, you can help others kill the shadow demons (shocks and lightning).

Illidan also casts Flame Burst during phase 4 every 10 seconds to everyone. It deals about 3500 fire damage, and you will take more damage if someone is within 5 yards from you so spread out! Flame Burst looks like fireworks shooting everywhere.

Agonizing Flames from phase 3 can be carried into phase 4.

After 30 seconds, Illidan goes back to phase 3.

Illidan alternates between phase 3 and phase 4 until he reaches 30% health. Remember to spread out!

Phase 5

At the start of phase 5, every player gets locked up by Shadow Prison for 30 seconds.

It is phase 3 and 4 all over again except that Illidan will enrage. Before he gets to 30%, it is best that the raid stops all DPS around 32-33% if he is still in phase 4 demon form. Starting phase 5 while Illidan is in phase 4 demon form can be very difficult and messy. Blow all your cooldowns here in phase 5. Spread out!

Things to remember:

Phase 1: There should be a designated area for people who have Parasitic Shadowfiend debuff. Pay attention to who has it because the debuff deals DoT, and pay attention to that person's location so you know you are not too close when shadowfiends spawn on the ground. If shadowfiends are coming close to you, quickly use earthbind totem and run away. Healing during this phase is easy.

Phase 2: Stand on top of your designated group to the point when you don't really know which character is you. Save your Nature's Swiftness for someone who receives the Dark Barrage debuff. You can use Bloodlust here because by the time it is phase 5, you will be able to use it again. There is a lot of chain healing to do here.

Phase 3: SPREAD OUT. Remember the designated area for people who have Parasitic Shadowfiend. Anyone who is within 5 yards from anyone who has the Agonizing Flames debuff will receive a fresh debuff on that other person too. Agaonizing Flames can be carried into phase 4. Need lots of heals on the person with the debuff, but doesn't hurt as fast as the Dark Barrage debuff in phase 2.

Between Phase 3 and 4: You will see Illidan kneel on the ground. Run far away from Illidan. Pay attention to who has the Agonizing Flames debuff so don't run into them.

Phase 4: SPREAD OUT. People are so spread out here that most of the heals are single target heals. Illidan will casts Flame Bursts every 10 seconds. While waiting for Illidan to paralyze 4 random players, good players who are doing nothing while waiting would bandage themselves at this time. If you are not paralyzed, and if the players around you are in good health, you might want to help out the dps on the Shadow Demons.

Phase 5: SPREAD OUT. Blow your cooldowns. Win.

Note: Your mana shouldn't be a problem here. Your water shield orbs are constantly used from AoEs and debuffs that you get so much mana back. You can use fire resistance totems from phase 2 and on instead of mana spring.