Resto Shaman Vs. Kalecgos (patch 2.4.3)

1st Boss in Sunwell

There are two realms to this fight which will be discussed later on. There is the Dragon Realm and the Demon Realm. When you first walk in to fight Kalecgos, you are in the Dragon Realm.

Dragon Realm

Kalecgos' Abilities:

Arcane Buffet - Everyone in the Dragon Realm will get hit by this debuff periodically, and it will stack indefinitely as long as you are in the Dragon Realm. The debuff will hit you for about 500 arcane damage, but will increase about 500 arcane damage per stack. The only way to remove this debuff as a resto shaman is to go in the portal to Demon Realm which will be discussed in the next boss' ability. You can wear some arcane resistance gear, but as a healer, you can heal yourself through it so you don't gimp your healing bonus.

Spectral Blast - About every half a minute, Kalecgos will cast this ability on a random player except the main tank and players with Spectral Exhaustion debuff (will explain later). The person that gets targeted will get teleported to the Demon Realm, and a portal will open up right where the person just got teleported at so others can go inside the demon realm too (only go in the demon realm according to your guild's strategy and orders that will be discussed later on). If players were within 8 yards of the person getting teleported, they will get a knockback that deals about 6k arcane damage (arcane buffet debuff increases this damage!). So the number one rule in the Dragon Realm is to SPREAD OUT.

Frost Breath - The tank will take care of this by having Kalecgos facing away from the raid. You should not stand near or in front of the tank.

Tail Lash - Never stand behind a dragon...

Wild Magic - Gives a random debuff to a random player (including tank) in the dragon realm. Does not seem like Kalecgos has a set time for casting Wild Magic. The debuff can be good or bad. Just remember the purple dragonscale icon is a debuff that increases your casting time by 100% and the black dragonscale icon is a debuff that increases your threat generated by 100%. The other colors are either beneficial or is irrelevant to healing. Since it is hard to remember everything, just remember the black and the purple dragonscale icon debuffs are bad!

Demon Realm

The guild I'm in makes every non-tanks in the Demon Realm stack up behind Sathrovarr, the boss inside the Demon Realm. Use a strategy according to your guild, but the positions my guild uses work just fine and successful.

Very intensive chain healing here, and make sure the tank has earth shield on. Use drums of battle if you are a leatherworker, and use your bloodlust too.

Remember to place your totems here too.

You are in the Demon Realm for one minute.

As soon as you leave the Demon Realm, you will receive a debuff called Spectral Exhaustion that prevents you from going inside the Demon Realm for one minute.

*note* - Both Kalecgos and Sathrovarr will enrage when Sathrovarr is at 10% health. Just be aware that healing becomes even more intensive at that point.

When To Go Inside Demon Phase

This varies according to what your raid leader wants to do. Generally, you as a healer will be grouped up with a person who can decurse, a tank, another healer, and 2-3 dps. I'm not talking about group as like a party group; I am talking about a group that is assigned to go inside the portal to the demon phase when someone in that assigned group gets hit with the Spectral Blast. You generally will stand near a decurser that is assigned to your portal group, but not too close because of the 8 yards Spectral Blast AoE.

The raid leader will call which group to go inside the portal. Generally, the decursers are marked with a mark (ex. Diamond, Triangle, X, etc.). So if you are in the Diamond group, and someone in the diamond group gets hit with the Spectral Blast, you go in the portal with the diamond group. This is just a general idea, but like I said before, do this according to your guild's strategy. A messed up rotation of who or when to go in the portal can easily cause a wipe. I believe the portal is bugged as it is very hard to click sometimes. You might have to move or move a bit closer and rapidly click the portal till you can go inside. I think the portal will be up for about 15-20 seconds before it vanishes.

Things to remember:

-Don't stand within 8 yards of anyone during the Dragon Phase

-If you get a black dragonscale icon debuff, slow down your heals because your threat is increased by 100%

-If you get a purple dragonscale icon debuff, you might want to spam lesser healing wave because your casting speed is increased by 100%

-Keep your water shield up and refreshed often because the orbs are often used due to arcane buffet.

-Don't stand in front of the dragon or right behind the dragon.

-For whatever reason that your arcane buffet debuff is up to about 10, you are at risk of getting two-shotted. Use healthstones and major arcane protection potions if you have it.

-Stand near a decurser that is assigned to your portal group, but not too close to get AoE by Spectral Blast in the Dragon Realm.

-In the Demon Realm, blow your cooldowns, and earth shield the tank. Your standing position varies according to your raid leader, but whatever it is, don't stand in front of the boss. Very intensive heals here!

-Remember to place your totems in Dragon Realm and Demon Realm

-The portal is kind of buggy and hard to go inside. Rapidly click the portal and move around till you get inside the portal.