Maiden of Virtue (patch 2.4.3)

3rd Boss in Karazhan

1.)This boss has an ability called Holy Fire. Always keep up a grounding totem whenever possible because the Holy Fire will target it if your party group is in range of your grounding totem. Holy Fire also targets searing totem and pets.

2.)Stay spread out, and don't stand next to anyone to mitigate the damage of Holy Wrath. Holy Wrath is like shaman's chain lightning except that the damage increases as it jumps to more people.

3.)She does Repentance that is similar to the one that Paladins can use. Usually casts this about every half a minute or so. It is best that you have mods like Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs that tells you when the next Repentance will occur. This effect lasts 12 seconds, and will prevent you from doing anything until you take damage which gets rid of the debuff. Maiden of Virtue will often casts a small AoE wave called Holy Ground around her that deals very little damage, but silences you for 0.5 seconds. When she will casts Repentance soon (ex. 3 seconds or less), you should run close to her so when you get the Repentance debuff, the Holy Ground effect will break you out of it because Holy Ground deals damage. After you are out of Repentance, quickly run back out of range of Holy Ground.

Tips to remember:

-Try to keep grounding totem up as much as you can

-Spread out

-Run in close to her when she's about to cast Repentance, and run out when Holy Ground breaks you free from Repentance

-Keep Earth Shield up on main tank

-Melee group will take damage from Holy Ground constantly. Damage is very small, but adds up after awhile. You can easily chain heal the melee group and the tank

-Always keep up a searing/fire elemental up as there is always a chance that Maiden will target Holy Fire on the fire totem.