Opera Event - The Big Bad Wolf (patch 2.4.3)

One of three randomly selected boss encounter in the Opera Event. Fourth boss in Karazhan.

1.)Always keep tremor totem up because the boss will cast a short range AoE fear occasionally.

2.)The boss will periodically target one person to be the "Little Red Riding Hood." Pay attention when the boss says "RUN AWAY LITTLE GIRL." If you are selected as Riding Hood, stop what you are doing and RUN AWAY. Run along the outside parameter of the stage, and do not cut corners or go diagonally because the wolf will easily rip you apart in two hits. The person who is targetted to be Riding Hood will be followed throughout the duration until the person is no longer Riding Hood regardless if the person is the lowest on aggro threat.

If someone else is targetted to be Riding Hood (tank can also be chosen), keep a close eye on Riding Hood. If the wolf seems to be a bit too close to Riding Hood for comfort, spam lesser healing wave on Riding Hood.

Tips to remember:

-Always keep tremor totem up

-Fire Elemental/Searing Totem

-Keep a far distance away from the wolf

-When you are Riding Hood, run along the outside parameter, and do not cut corners

-Earth shield the tank, and earth shield the person chosen to be Riding Hood