Opera Event - Wizard of Oz (patch 2.4.3)

One of three randomly selected boss encounters in the Opera Event. Fourth boss fight in Karazhan.

You will see four bosses in the stage. They are inactive at first and are activated in a sequence after Dorothee finishes her dialect:

1st - Dorothee
2nd - Roar
3rd - Strawman
4th - Tinhead


You cannot interrupt her water bolt. She also has no aggro table. You need to keep tremor totem up as she does AoE fear. Not long into the fight, Dorothee will summon Tito. Tito has very low health, but don't kill it before Dorothee dies otherwise Dorothee will enrage that will double her damage.


You shouldn't have to worry about Roar as Roar is susceptible to fear, and tanks can easily hold aggro on him.


Strawman is tanked by anyone who has powerful direct damage fire spells. You shouldn't be the primary person to tank him because your raid group should have atleast a mage or a warlock. Strawman gets disoriented everytime he gets hit by a direct fire spell (flame shock, searing totem, fireball, etc.).


Don't stand in front of Tinhead because he has a cleave ability. His movement speed will gradually slow down as the Rust debuff stacks on him. Rust is a time-based effect on self, and there is nothing you can do to make him Rust faster. No frost ability or anything can help make him Rust.

After all four bosses are downed, you will face the last boss in the encounter, which is Crone.


She summons a cyclone that moves about in the stage. If you get caught into the cyclone, it simply lifts you up and you take fall damage (roughly 15% of health). She also casts chain lightning that can't be interrupted. You can easily solo heal this last part of the fight.