Book of Highborne Hymns for Resto Shamans (patch 2.4.3)

Book of Highborne Hymns
Book of Highborne Hymns - This drops off the Eredar Twins in Sunwell Plateau. Yes, this is an off-hand frill, which some of you will say that resto shamans should only use shields. Keep in mind that shields will only help you in melee damage. Most raid bosses will only deal spell damage to you while the tanks are the ones who soak up melee hits.

Situations like Bloodboil from Black Temple, Gruul from Gruul's Lair (all melee damage), and Zul'jin's 4th phase, the shield would help you mitigate melee damage that you can't run away from. I'm not telling you to stop using shields if you get this book, but keep a shield in your bag.

There are no shields that have spell haste, and this book is the only healing off-hand with spell haste. Not only does it have spell haste, it also has 9 mp5, a lot of stamina, intellect.

As a resto shaman, roll on this (or spend DKP) even though some raiders might question you. Experienced raiders will know this is the best-in-slot for resto shamans.