Resto Shaman - Gear you should look out for in Kara (patch 2.4.3)

Gearing up your resto shaman to prepare for Kara? See below:

Whirlwind Bracers (wrist) - I see these drop quite often from Attumen, first boss of Karazhan.

Belt of Gale Force (waist) - Drops off Moroes, second boss.

Gloves of Centering (hands) - Do not underestimate these gloves. These are better than the T4 token gloves unless you need the T4 gloves for 2 piece set bonus. Drops off Maiden of Virtue, third boss.

Totem of Healing Rains (totem) - The ultimate best in slot totem for resto shamans. Also drops off Maiden of Virtue.

Shard of the Virtuous (weapon) - Very nice healing mace that comes with good amount of stamina, intellect, healing bonuses, and mp5. Another thing that drops off Maiden of Virtue.

Ribbon of Sacrifice (trinket) - Not a big fan of this trinket's use ability, but if it's better than what you have, take it. This is dropped from any of the opera events, 4th boss.

Red Riding Hood's Cloak (back) - Fairly decent cloak. Only drops off The Big Bad Wolf in the opera event.

Emberspur Talisman (neck) - Nice neck piece, but if you have the neck from the Shattered Sun Offensive quartermaster, stick to that one. This drops off the optional boss Nightbane.

Gloves of the Fallen Champion (t4 token) - This is the token to redeem Cyclone Gloves (hands). If you have the Gloves of Centering from Maiden of Virtue, and if you don't have a second piece of T4 to get the 2 piece T4 set bonuses, stick with the Gloves of Centering. The gloves token drops from Curator, fifth boss.

Dragon-Quake Shoulderguards (shoulders) - also drops off Curator.

Earthblood Chestguard (chest) - drops off Netherspite, optional boss.

Heart-Flame Leggings (legs) - Very nice leggings with 3 sockets. Drops off the Chess Event.

Triptych Shield of the Ancients (shield) - This shield has stamina, intellect, decent healing bonus, and mp5. Also drops off the Chess Event.

Helm of the Fallen Champion (t4 token) - Redeem this token for Cyclone Headdress (helm). This helm will lasts you for a while. This healing helm is better than "better" helms later on that doesn't have meta sockets. Socket the meta gem slot with an Insightful Earthstorm Diamond (+12 intellect and chance to restore 300 mana when casting spells), and then you will be a much more efficient healer. This token drops off the last boss in Karazhan, Prince Malchezaar.

Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted (back) - Very nice healing cloak that comes with stamina, intellect, great healing bonus, and mp5. Prince Malchezaar's drop.

Jade Ring of the Everliving (ring) - Even though this ring has no stamina or intellect, it has very high healing bonus and good amount of mp5. Prince Malchezaar's drop.

Light's Justice (weapon) - higher healing bonus than the mace from Maiden of Virtue, but with no mp5. Prince Malchezaar's drop.