Intellect increases healing bonus (patch 2.4.3)

I can't find an article anywhere that says intellect increases your healing bonus so I decided to write it here.

When I get an intellect buff (+40 Intellect) it gives me +12 to healing bonus. When I use Scroll of Intellect V (+20 Intellect) and a low rank Mark of the Wild (+6 to all attributes) = +26 Intellect gave me +7 to healing bonus.

It seems like 3.33 intellect gives you 1 healing bonus. If you do 3.33 (intellect) times 12 (healing bonus) that gives you 39.96 which is close to 40 intellect, and if you do 3.33 times 7 that gives you 23.31, which is why 26 intellect will give you 7 healing bonus. +27 Intellect would give you +8 healing bonus, and so on.

This might not be true to all healing classes, but this is what I'm finding for resto shamans.